Prescrren arena eligibility

Hello I’m a member of HunHun_jieun, which is the top rank of this competition.

But sadly, We’re not a U.S cityzen or student of University in U.S, We’re Korean students. so We’re not eligible for this competition.

We’re now the top rank, and even if we could be a top rank at the end of this competition, we can’t have chance to participate in prescreen arena.

So I’d like to ask that can you give us chance to participate in prescreen arena.

Thank you.

Hi @hunim - Thanks for the post. The eligibility rules for this challenge are set and won’t change. Keep in mind that these criteria apply to the team representative, so if you’re interested in participating in the Prescreened Arena you may find an eligible participant to team up with.

As you’re probably also aware, the score on the Open Arena is not necessarily representative of how solutions will perform on unseen data. This is why final rankings will be determined by running solutions on an out-of-sample dataset.

Hope that helps!