The Prescreened Arena is ready for your code submissions!

We’re excited to announce that the Prescreened Arena is live! Eligible participants are encouraged to submit their attestation of eligibility, if you haven’t done so already, then we’ll review and email you with the next steps!

Don’t hesitate to reach out here on the forum with questions as you start working on your code submission. Good luck!

Dear rbgb,

Based on my understanding, the top five team appears on the leaderboard of Prescreened Area will be awarded money. Is that correct ? Or you will evaluate the submission on another private data. So probably some teams with lower ranks on leaderboard can end up to top five ?


There is some held out data we will evaluate on, but we expect it to be representative of the data that the leaderboard uses. At the close of the competition we will display the final scores and the top 5 teams will be invited to participate in the federated learning phase, after which prizes will be awarded.