Using open source data

can we use sentinal hub for visualization?

@tasin9119 You may use the functionality from Sentinel Hub that is always available free of charge. Per the problem description:

You may use any additional tools as long as they are publicly available and free to use.

The Sentinel Hub pricing page outlines what functionality is available freely. The idea is that someone else should be able to completely reproduce everything in your submission, without having to pay for a subscription.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!

Can you please elaborate what does mean by earth observation data? Can we use dataset from any resource such as kaggle?

Happy to help @aminasaeed . From the problem description page:

Your visualization must use at least one publicly available Earth observation dataset collected by a U.S. government agency. “Earth observation data” means observations about the Earth collected in space, such as satellite data, airborne, and in-situ sensors. The data resources blog post suggests some datasets that satisfy this requirement.

If you have a specific dataset you’d like to use and you are unsure whether it satisfies this requirement, don’t hesitate to ask!

You may also use any additional datasets beyond this requirement, regardless of whether they are Earth observation data, as long as the data is freely and publicly available. A dataset collected by Kaggle would not meet the requirement of being “collected by a U.S. government agency”. However, if it is freely and publicly available, you may still use it in your submission along with a dataset that satisfies the requirement above.