is failing to find src.solution

We are working on trying to submit a smoke test for Team HydroHounds. We are running into an issue where is failing to find src.solution. In the log info, it prints the submission contents of src showing src/code_submission/ I’m assuming it should be src/ Hoping you can help tell us what we are missing

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In your case, it does indeed sound like your submission is unpacking that file to src/code_submission/, instead of src/ You will need to change how you are creating your file to remove the code_submission/ directory layer.

As some possible examples:

  • If you are using macOS’s right-click+Compress, you should select all of the files inside code_submission and then right-click, instead of right-clicking on the folder itself.
  • If you are using the zip command line program, you should do zip -r code_submission/* instead of zip -r code_submission/.
  • Use the make pack-submission shortcut we provide in the runtime repository.

In general, if you google “zip without parent” you’ll probably find some helpful resources, such as this one.

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