Submission denied - "Submission has 312 rows but should have 775"

Can anyone help… tried to submit my csv but got the following submission failed error:

“There was a problem processing your submission”
“Submission has 312 rows but should have 775”

Unless i’ve missed something, we’re predicting probabilities for 312 validation samples? Can anyone shed any light on this or has seen the same error and solved it themselves?



Hi James,

The task is to predict probabilities for 312 validation samples and 463 test samples. These correspond to and on the Data Download page.

Thanks, and good luck!

Another resource that might be helpful is the submission format, which has the sample IDs that the predictions should be made for.


Agh thankyou! That makes sense.

I was thrown off by duplicated sample files when I extraxted from the downloads .zip. showing 900+ test samples. My bad.

All good and thanks for the quick reply.