Error submitting test submissions

I can’t make a submission to the context. I made 1 previously, then changed the pipeline. My current submission uploads succesfully, but doesn’t appear as a submission. There’s no error message about whether the data format is possibly wrong. (The column names match the sample submission, and the # of rows seem to match).
No error is displayed, it just closes the submission window after uploading it and my clicking “submit”.

Are there additional submission guidelines? Thanks

Are they sorted by process_id? You should try to mimic the example submission perfectly. Two columns with process_id and prediction, sorted by process_id. The CSV should contain 2969 lines (please note an empty line at the end of the CSV).

As @Gillesvdw says, the format needs to match exactly, and as noted on the submissions page you are only allowed (1) submission per day.

Hi @bull. I ran into the same problem. I realize now that " SUBS. TODAY 1/1" is meant to indicate that I am only allowed 1 submission per day. But I was reading that as my score for submission 1 of 1, expecting that to increment to 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 when my next submission posted. So was also confused why the upload appeared to be failing until I found this thread. I think the interface isn’t as intuitive as it could be!