IDs for submission are not correct

What does this mean. I have just replaced the yield values in the submission but still this error pops up while submission !!!

PS : I have same number of rows and same dates.

Hi @vivek8943,

You’ll want to be sure that the date format of your submission matches the submission format exactly. An easy way to spot the differences is to use a diff tool (searching online will turn up a couple web sites that will do this for you).

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply! I have exact same dates and changed the yield value to 0.11111 in Submission format given to test, but still the same error ! Do you have any limit with the precision of float?

If you diff your file with the submission format, you’ll see that the date format in your submission does not match the submission format.

Your submission is on the left. The submission format is on the right.

You’ll want to look at the strftime function for whatever language you’re working in.