Development arena csv submission

I’m getting an error of “IDs for submission are not correct” with a csv submission to the development arena. My code for creating the csv follows, and the site_id and issue_date columns look identical. The only difference being my forecast values replacing the zeros. The number of rows is correct. Anything else I’m forgetting to do?

Hi @scottmreed,

I took a look at your submissions from today. A few things to make sure you check:

  • You are generating your predictions based on the correct and up-to-date submission format. The submission format was updated on November 29. Please see this announcement.
  • Your issue dates are in the correct format. They should be YYYY-MM-DD, e.g., 2005-01-15.
  • The rows in your predictions are in the exact same order as the submission format.
  • You are submitting the full submission and not the smaller smoke test submission to the Development Arena.