Submission Error with ID's

Hi guys, I am having trouble in uploading submission file. I get this error, ‘IDs for submission are not correct’. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong here? I checked ID’s, I don’t see any issue with ID’s.Error

When I cross checked IDs in submission file and file I created they are matching in all ways. I don’t see any problem, still file not getting scored because of this error.

Can anybody help me with this? If possible tell me how you write the submission file in the end.

It’s not even working when I just copy the output except sequence_id column and paste in submission format file…Can anybody tell me what might be wrong?

Hi Sachin - Thanks for your patience. It looks like some of your IDs got converted into numeric type:

For example, that top one at index 1848 should be 8E201, but it looks like in your file, it got converted to 8.00E+201.

I would suggest casting your sequence_id column to str before outputting as csv. Let me know if that works!

@cszc Thanks a lot. Finally after so many failed submissions, a successful submission and relief only because of your help. Thanks again.

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