Storm Metadata CSV Files

Hey everyone!

I’m hoping to use this dataset for a course project and was able to download the .tar.gz files containing the image data and associated json labels, but was unable to find the metadata CSV files mentioned in the competition benchmark post – they do not appear to be available on Radiant MLHub.

If anyone knows where these metadata files are hosted, or would be willing to send them my way via email / dropbox, you’d be a hero!

Hi @andrewmcdonald27 - were you able to connect with the Radiant MLHub folks to follow up on this?

I was – thanks!

To anyone looking for the metadata files, you can find them at the links below. I’m not sure how long these links will remain active, but I figured they’re worth posting.

(to get the other files, replace the filename with “test_set_features.csv”, “training_set_labels.csv” and "
test_set_labels.csv", respectively – the forum won’t let me post more than 2 links directly)

Keep up the important work, everyone!