Looking for a teammate!

Hello everyone,

I am a data scientist from Greece, and I’m excited to participate in this interesting contest. So far, I have trained a convolutional neural network model that provides satisfactory results, and managed to be 8th on the leaderboard. I feel like I’m missing something though, because my model doesn’t take advantage of the temporal information on the dataset. I have done some research on potential algorithms that may perform better, but I’m not very experienced on such tasks. I am looking for somebody that has worked with video/sequential images, or any other related machine learning task, and is willing to form a team with me. You can contact me on LinkedIn if you wish: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giannis-tolios-0020b067/ . Please leave a note mentioning DrivenData if you add me. Thank you for your time, and I wish good luck to everyone participating in the contest!

Giannis Tolios