Segmentation-models library for TensorFlow

Can you add this dependency(segmentation-models==1.0.1).
It provides similar functionality like the installed package(segmentation-models-pytorch=0.2.0) but using keras & tensorflow.
For more details, please check the below link

@AliGebily To request additional package installations, see these instructions for updating runtime packages in the runtime repository.

@tglazer: Apparently @AliGebily already sent a PR 6 days ago, but it hasn’t been merged yet. What can we do to speed up such requests?

I’m also interested in segmentation-models=1.0.1, but also absl-py (see my PR).


I am also working with TensorFlow and using the same segmentation model library. Could you please let us know when will this be installed?

Thank you!

It looks like this was approved and merged yesterday, after my message.

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