Developed Keras Model

I developed a model in Keras. Is this acceptable?
Is the submission process for this model the same as for PyTorch?

Hi @NGTech, Keras should be fine but you may need to add requirements as described in the runtime repo.

Are you able to run your code using the Docker setup?

Thanks, @isms.
I could not install Docker on one of my computers. I will try on another computer.
The submission process seems to be very complex. I don’t quite understand it.

I added keras for you - feel free to make your submission but understanding of Docker will really help you out in checking to make sure your submissions will run properly instead of submitting and waiting over and over. Best of luck

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I submitted and got a score of 0.0002. Does this imply that the submission process was successful (I got all the files configured properly), just that my model scored low? Or something is wrong with my submission?

When I ran it in Colab I got a Jaccard index of .5

That means it was a successful submission but just a low score. Recommend making sure you’re not overfitting, and also you may want to check the pseudocode for the test metric to make sure you’re calculating this across images the same way we are.

Thanks you very much