Question on model write-ups submission

A great thanks to the organizer for organizing the challenge.

I have a few questions on model write-up submission: For this submission,

  1. do we need to upload code for cross-checking? Or only a technical write-up document is required?
  2. would the evaluation server be up for additional experiments on ablation study?
    (e.g. because submission slot is limited during prediction contest, one may not make submissions for intermediate experiments)
  3. can we present results on other external data for comparison with other reference published papers?

Hi @hengcherkeng - Thanks for these questions, and congrats on the great work.

  1. For evaluation you only need to provide your write-up document. Selected winners will provide code as part of the prize follow up.
  2. No, submissions are closed. If there are additional experiments you would want to run using the test data, you can mention those in your write-up.
  3. Yes.

You and the other finalists should also have received a separate email today with instructions for the Model Write-up Bonus. Hope that helps!