Model report submission

Everyone who successfully submits a model for real-time evaluation can also submit a report

Where should we submit our report? Since, we need to submit for the real-time evaluation (which is setup as a “different” competition), It seems to make sense to enable the doc submission there.

But I notice the doc submission is only available in the “Development Stage” competition, which, was not even a requirement to participate, e.g. you can jump directly to the “Evaluation Stage”.

Are we going to track the performance in the “Evaluation Stage” competition, but submit our report to the “Development Stage” ? or… are we going to enable the document submission to have all in one place?

Development contest.

Official answer: Still super unclear where to submit the model - #2 by emily

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@NxGTR That’s correct, all model reports should be submitted to the link shared by @leigh.plt Even though this is listed on the Development Stage page, submissions here will count for the entire Model Report Competition (Track 2).