Some Questions about the Snowcast Showdown Challenge

I just have a few basic questions about the Snowcast Showdown Challenge.

  1. Is there enough time left to join this challenge and create a model and

  2. How do you go about downloading the datasets for this challenge?


@johnnyg6809 There is still time to join the challenge! Participation in the Development Stage is not a prerequisite to join the Evaluation Stage. You can submit your code and frozen model weights up until February 15 to participate in real-time evaluation.

To download ground measure input data, training labels, and metadata files, please visit the data download page of the competition. All other potential features including remote sensing data will require you to download the data from the source. See the data access instructions for more information and example notebooks.

Am I correct in my understanding that development part of Evaluation Stage include submissions made on Jan, 25th, Feb, 1st and Feb, 8th, while submission for Feb, 15th will count towards official score or is submission on Feb, 15th still a part of model development?

@tetelias The first date in the submission format that will be counted towards your final score and leaderboard ranking is 2022-02-17. During Stage 2b, predictions made for dates before February 15 will be ignored.