About team registration


We are a snowcourse team of 7 people and we have attended the competition stage one: model development. However, we did not notice that the team needs to be registered again for competition stage two. The team registration seems closed already. We wonder if there is any way for us to join the evaluation competition as a team.


Hi @kehan, unfortunately the deadline has passed for joining the prize-eligibility period. Model weights and code submissions were due February 15h. If you’re still interested in working with the data for this competition, you can find all the access details on the evaluation stage page: Competition: Snowcast Showdown: Evaluation Stage

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, we have attended the evaluation stage as a team and submitted our Model weights and code. However, we cannot join stage two as a team because we missed the team registration time. Since we already have the model designed, we still want to join stage two. Is there any way to join stage two as a team?


Hi @kehan - Can you let us know where you think you submitted your model weights and code? Or joined the evaluation stage? I don’t see that.

If you are looking to join the evaluation stage as a team to see how your solution performs, but not to compete for prizes, I can help set you up.

Hi Glipstein (@glipstein),

Thanks a lot for your reply. We have submitted our code and weights as a team (SnowCourse, rank22 Competition: Snowcast Showdown: Development Stage).
Yeah, it would be great if we can still join the evaluation stage as a team. We figured out that we can submit the evaluation results as individuals instead of as a team because the team registration is closed.


Hi @kehan - We’ll follow up directly by email. Meanwhile you are correct that you can start submitting results to the Evaluation Stage as an individual.