Where to submitt the model?

Where do I have to submit the model? Do the links in the previously posted threads work?
Do I need to use the “model report submission” to upload the design freeze?

Thanks for your Help

Added section (where you can see instruction for submitting):

Code submission


that link is incorrect: Sign In

Hi @TobTob. Your model weights and code need to be submitted under “Code Submission” in the evaluation stage of the competition. Here is the direct link https://www.drivendata.org/competitions/90/submissions/extra/

That link is broken and takes me to page not found. I am logged in

@malachy.j.moran from the competition home page, click on “Code submission” on the right hand side. You need to have joined the evaluation stage competition.

Hi, @emily I have a question regarding the deadline for the submission. I’ve submitted the code prior to the end of the competition (23:55 UTC 15.02) but forgot the model weights, so I’ve re-uploaded the link with model weights but was late like 10-15 seconds (00:00 UTC 16.02).
Am I still eligible to compete and should upload predictions weekly, or I’m not eligible to win?

@ndmelentev, this is fine, you are still eligible.