Question about standtimes dataframe

Our team had a question on the data within the standtimes dataframe. We were confused as to why the departure_stand_actual_time is before the arrival_stand_actual_time. As per the documentation, the arrival time should be the time the flight arrived at the gate and the departure time is the time the flight leaves the gate. Hence should the departure_stand_actual_time be after the arrival_stand_actual_time?

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Hi @surajraj99 , Thanks for your question. The departure_stand_actual_time refers to a flight leaving the departing airport gate and the arrival_stand_actual_time is the time that flight arrives at its destination airport. It help to note that the GUFI assigned to an aircraft changes between a flight arriving at an airport and departing.

Your interpretation is a sensible one from the documentation, which is a little unclear about that point. I’ll update it to help others.