Question about runways

For each gufi, the runway data show the flights’ actual runway that it departed on. I am not sure how airports work. Do we know exactly which runway the flight will depart on prior to the pushback time? Or are those just determined on the spot i.e. the next aircraft goes on whichever runway is open. In other words, can i use the runway number to help my model for pushback time.

Hi @axj65 , that’s a good question. The competition data does not include an estimate of the runway a flight will take off from, but it does include the actual runway a flight took off from in the <airport>_runways.csv features. I can’t say for sure whether those estimates exist and if they do, how accurate/how far in advance they are. I’ll check in with the NASA team and let you know! In any case, I think that trying to do some modeling and prediction about the runways that a flight might use could be a really interesting path to pursue.