@Organizers: Is this SuperGlue implementation allowed?

First of all, thanks for organizing this amazing competition.

I found this SuperGlue implementation

It have been coded by at least one of the authors of the original paper arXiv:1911.11763

It seems to be open for research, but I’m not very sure if it fits with competition requirements.

The license text is here: SuperGluePretrainedNetwork/LICENSE at master · magicleap/SuperGluePretrainedNetwork · GitHub

I think this code could be very interesting for the competition, and it’s better to ask than reject it without asking or to use it against rules.

Thanks in advance

Hi @virilo - Thanks for the post. Any use of software will need to be pursuant to a license that permits use for the purpose of competing for a monetary prize and otherwise complies with the requirements in the Official Rules. Keep in mind that prize eligible solutions will need to be published under a permissive open source license. You’ll need to review the license to confirm whether your use of the software would comply.