Use of External Data

I see that both tasks do allow external data that have open licenses like CC0 or CC-BY, and is stated that the external data should have a license that does not prohibit commercial use, I found many external data but none of them are with completely open-sourced license, but I am asking just to confirm, is the license like CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 okay?

Also, what happens if a winning solution uses external data that is under a license that does not allow commercial use, if that happens, will the organizers pick the next person in line, say, 4th position will get the reward if one of the top 3 is using an non-commercial external dataset?

Hi @HarshitSheoran,

The “NC” in CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 stands for “NonCommercial”. It is not an acceptable license type per our rules, which you have pointed out require that datasets are “under a permissive open license that does not prohibit commercial use”. (ref)

Challenge organizers will verify that prize finalists abide by the challenge rules, and violations may lead to disqualification.



Thank you for your previous answer, I see that there are two tasks in Pose Bowl, with object detection and pose estimation tasks, can I use dataset of one task into the other as external data?

Hi @HarshitSheoran, it’s not clear to me how this would be helpful but you are allowed to do that as long as the use is legitimately related to the substantive predictive task.

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Would AGPL-3.0 license be acceptable?
It is an open-source license that allows for commercial use as long as the new code is open-sourced. The solutions for the challenge should be open-source so I guess this is no problem.

@ironbar Yes, generally. From the rules:

OPEN-SOURCE CODE. A Submission will be ineligible to win a prize if it was developed using code containing or depending on software licensed under an open source license:

  • other than an Open Source Initiative-approved license (see; or
  • an open source license that prohibits commercial use.

The AGPL v3 is OSI approved and allows commercial use (with acceptable caveats for an MIT-licensed submission).