GPL license code

Could you please explicitly say whether we can use GPL license code (YoloV5, YoloV8) for this competition?

It looks like Yolo models are actually AGPL (addressed a few minutes ago here in a similar question), but re: GPL, here’s what the rules say:

OPEN-SOURCE CODE. A Submission will be ineligible to win a prize if it was developed using code containing or depending on software licensed under an open source license:

  • other than an Open Source Initiative-approved license (see; or
  • an open source license that prohibits commercial use.

The GPL v3 is OSI approved and allows commercial use (with acceptable caveats for an MIT-licensed submission).

Thank you. So we can use AGPLV3 and GPLV3, right?
The main difference between the GPL V3 and the AGPL V3 lies in the scope of the “network use” provision. The AGPL V3 extends the copyleft requirements of the GPL V3 to cover the use of the software over a network, making it applicable to software-as-a-service and other network-interactive uses.

Yes, for this competition AGPL and GPL are acceptable.