Optimizing demand-side: Prize-Pool Modification Request

Dear challengers,

As noticed earlier, because of the small size of the final test set (35 simulations), there might have some variance in the final score.

So I propose, if the organizers will accept it, to modify the prize pool as follow: There will be 5 winners instead of 3, and the prize pool will be divided as follow:
1st: 11’000 €
2nd: 6’000 €
3rd: 3’000 €
4th; 2’000 €
5th: 1’000 €
(Which may be seen as the top 3 participants giving one thousand euros to the 4th or the 5th).

Of course, this would happen only if all the top 5 participants had accepted this new rules and if organizers accept to change the rule of the challenge!

So, if you also want to split the rewards for the 5 first participants, please answer to this topic.
Or if you have any suggestion.

@bull : Will it be possible to modify the rules for the rewards, if everyone is okay?


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Hi Thomas, we don’t change prize levels after a competition starts.