Official External Data Thread

If you use external data, per this announcement, include a link to the data here!

It must be freely publicly available.

I plan to use the following pretrained models:
DenseNet: https ://
ResNet-101: https ://
ResNet-152: https ://
SqueezeNet: https ://
Inception v4: https ://
VGG16: https ://
VGG19: https ://
Other Keras models: https ://

I plan to use pre-trained VGG-16 referenced here and pre-trained pytorch models

Using keras weights from https ://

In addition to listed pretrained models:

DenseNet: https ://
and other Keras models: https ://

I’m also using

Using this:

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I am using pretrained pytorch models from

I’m planning to use this
And the models referenced here:

I am using pretrained ‘imagenet’ weights for VGG-16 from KERAS applications here:

Trying to use: vgg1, vgg2, mobilenet, resnet, pva, densenet.

I am also using pytorch/vision models.

Pretrained keras weights from https ://

Should we post the pretrained models we are using, even if they were already posted?
Just in case, I’ve tried some of the pytorch models already mentioned.