External data | Pre-train models

It’s a bit strange that we should share external data and pre-train models. But do you guys have some resources?:slight_smile:

i am interested too

Disclosing Multimedia Commons Dataset

Licenses available in: prefix=tools/etc/yfcc100m_dataset.sql (CC0 and CC-BY images only)

These are publicly acessible with the “UNSIGNED” token, see e.g. python - Can I use boto3 anonymously? - Stack Overflow



tf_efficientnet_bN_ns, swin and convnext imagenet pretrained from timm package

From my side:
No external data were used.
tf_efficientnet_b5_ns (noisy-student), efficientnetv2_rw_m pretrained from timm package

timm pretrained models: tf_efficientnet_b*ns, convnext, eca_nfnet_
no external data

Already declared but just in case: Pre-trained EfficientNet models from timm

Pre-trained imagenet- TF_EfficientNet, ConvNext, ECA_NFNET, RegNetZ models all from timm.

Assume this isn’t required, but efficientnetv2, seresnet152d, ecaresnet269, and more (timm==0.5.4)

timm pretrained models: tf_efficientnet_b*ns
no external data