Number of test data files in Particulate Track


in the instructions download file there is a list with the number of files of each subdirectory (particulate Track - pm25):
Note the size of each subdirectory:
dataset | n | size
pm25/train/maiac/ | 4260 | 35.1GB
pm25/train/misr/ | 788 | 27.3GB
pm25/test/maiac/ | 2444 | 20.3GB
pm25/test/misr/ | 299 | 7.9GB

After my download of pm25/test/misr I got 229 files (not 299), with 7.85 GB. Can you confirm there are 299 files in this subdirectory?

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Hi @rdeggau,

Yes, you are correct. There should only be 229 MISR test files, not 299. We will correct the the download file. Thanks for flagging!

Could you please tell me how to download these files??? I am unable to do so

Hi smcoder5,

In the Data Download Page - Sign In there is a file named [Data download instructions ]

The path do download this files are in this file (install AWS Cli and execute the download command)

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Thank You rdeggau but what is the name of public bucket from where data has to be downloaded

@smcoder5 The public buckets are listed in the “Data download instructions” file mentioned by rdeggau. They individual filepaths are also listed in the metadata csvs, also available on the Data Download Page.