Data download problem

Hi all,

I’ve been having a lot of trouble downloading the training and test datasets.
It appears that the connection to Amazon is rather slow and intermittent. I have only been able to download the test data, the the larger training one keeps

Am I the only one experiencing this?
It would be possible to use a mirror link?

Thanks in advance.

I agree. My download of the training data failed after 49Gb and would not restart. Is there any way we could have a torrent option for these huge downloads?


Thanks for the report @lonestranger and @bicarrio! We’ll be adding a torrent download links shortly and are investigating additional mirroring options. Will update this thread when those are available!

Let us know if any other issues come up.

Work around: I’m currently using a download manager software. It will probably work but is sloooooow


Its VERY slow as well in my side. Can you upload it to other servers? S3 may be?

Can the “data for testing” be provided only in csv format excluding the videos just like data for training is available in csv format. …since i cannot afford to download such huge amount (60 GB ) of data ?
this was the link i used for downloading training data

The testing data contains only videos, the goal is to predict data in csv format from them.

@lopuhin @pshreyasv @Oras @bicarrio @lonestranger Thanks for reporting this and for your patience.

There are now links to seeded BitTorrent downloads on the data download page:

Let us know if you have any other issues!