Normal Submission Time Limit

My submissions run fine in both the smoke test and normal submission, but in the normal submission my execution time is about 1.02 seconds per iteration which comes to just over the 2 hour limit (~2 hours 5 minutes). I don’t think there are any more speed improvements I can make, is there some way to extend the time limit another 10-15 minutes? I’m using the CPU and don’t have access to a GPU. On my computer each iteration is about .86 seconds with about .69 seconds due to my model inference.

It turns out you can train your model on a CPU in pytorch and run inference on a GPU. This is not an easy process when you have to test it using the smoke test (no other access to a GPU), but it works! Those of you using a CPU may have issues meeting the 2 hour deadline though. So, issue resolved at my end.

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