MathWorks Resources for The Biomassters

Hello Everybody!

We at MathWorks are excited to support participants of The Biomassters challenge by providing complimentary MATLAB Licenses, tutorials, and additional getting started resources. MATLAB can be a powerful tool for your team, as it allows you to take a high-level approach to machine and deep learning, making it easy for beginners and pros alike to quickly start creating models.

To request your complimentary license and get access to a variety of resources on using MATLAB for data science, please visit this landing page.

Additionally, we have provided starter code if you’re looking to use MATLAB for this challenge! This blog post walks you through each step of the starter code and provides some additional resources along the way. A bonus $2,000 (USD) cash prize will be awarded to the top MATLAB user (which could also be one of the top 3 overall).

Best of luck to all participants! If you have any questions you would like answered by someone from MathWorks, please reply to this thread.

Please note: The blog post link has been updated.

Can any participant claim a complimentary MATLAB License or is it only aimed at students? The form is called Student Competitions Software Request Form and asks for a current year at university. Also, it requires a Team Leader/Faculty Advisor, whose User Agreement states that

You represent that you are an authorized representative of University


How about the use of a purchased personal Mathworks license?

USD 95
Select this license if you would like to get MATLAB for your personal use.
This license option is not for government, academic, commercial, or other organizational use.

Can this be used?

Hi @albantor30, great question! Any participant can fill out the form. If you are not a student or faculty at a university, please put your current company affiliation. For the current year question, please put 2022.

Thank you for the clarification

Hi @hengcherkeng, personal licenses may not have all of the products needed, so I recommend requesting the competition license as it comes with a wide array of toolboxes that are helpful for data science applications.

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