MathWorks License


Our team have tried unsuccesfully to get the license. We tried to follow the steps but in all scenarios we get the message: We have detected suspicious behavior If you are unable to correct this issue on your own, contact support.

Hence, Is there any other resource to follow to get the license? Can anyone help us?

Thanks for your attention. We’re looking forward to your reply!

The UruColo Team.

Hi @jsblandon, please clear your cache and try submitting again. This message often indicates that the form cannot verify that you are not a bot, and clearing the cache should resolve the issue!

Hi @GraceWoolson ! Thank you for your response. I have done what you suggest and it did not work. What should I fill in when the form asks for Competition Information - Complete in English regarding University name* field?

Should I use in the form the same e-mail used to create the DrivenData account?

Great question! For the University name field, please put your current university or company affiliation (this will be the same as what you put for the Company/University field). Since this competition is online, it is not associated with a specific university.

For the e-mail, you do not need to use the same one as you used to create the DrivenData account. If you have a MathWorks account, however, you should use the email associated with this account.

Please let me know if this information does not help resolve the issue and I would be happy to look into it further!