Job status 'created'

My second attempted submission was uploaded at 2pm today. 5 hours later, the status is still ‘created’ rather than ‘running’, ‘failed’ or ‘completed’, and I can’t see any logs. Expected inference time is a couple of hours max. Is this just the job waiting for others to complete, or did I somehow make an invalid submission?

After a further 12 hours I canceled the job and started a new one. The status is now ‘Pending’ as I’d expect. I think my internet must have cut out part way through the last upload.

Ran fine after that and was done quickly. So must have been an issue uploading the zip file.

Thanks for reporting this. It seems that somehow the window, tab, or connection that was uploading your submission was closed before it finished. We’ve updated the messages to make it more clear, that if you end up in this state you should cancel that submission and submit again. Let us know if you have further issues!

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