Submission stuck at status "Starting"


We have developed a solution that runs well locally using the Docker environment. I’ve been trying to submit this solution as a smoke test earlier today, but every time it gets stuck for more than an hour at status “Starting” with the explanation “The execution environment for your code is starting up.”.

It seems a bit strange, because I used to be able to sucessfully upload smoke tests one week ago.
I also tried uploading the random_baseline submission provided on the repo and it also gets stuck similarly, even though it used to work a few days ago.

Has something changed on your end, or am I doing something wrong? There are no logs available for the jobs that get stuck so I would appreciate any kind of insights.

Thank you for your help.

We’ll look into it and get back to you!

Hi @aschieb, it looks like your smoke tests were queued in line behind normal submissions and the “starting” status was a red herring. We’ve created a separate code execution cluster explicitly for smoke tests for the rest of the competition so smoke tests should never be waiting on normal subs to finish running. This should prevent any testing delays. Thanks for flagging this issue!

Hi @emily

Thanks for your help, the job submissions are working fine now. I appreciate your reactivity.
Have a nice day!

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HI @emily,

I used to see my position in the queue while my status was pending. My normal submission has been pending for almost 2 hours without any additional information. Has anything changed recently?

Hi @Optimo it looks like your normal submission is currently running so things appear to be working as expected. There are more people making submissions during this time in the competition so it’s normal to see longer wait times compared to a few weeks ago.

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