Is this related to programming or any other curiculum

Iam Rohit,
I have a bit of concern here that is the contest related to programming or does it belong to other than the programming language,
Because I haven’t seen any thing like the mae, mse etc for the submissions

If I’am right, if the contest is belonging to the programming/coding,
then how should i submit my results,

May god bless, everyone

Hi Rohit, not sure I understand the question. Did you read through the problem description?

Hey @isms
Thanks for responding,

My query is that, is this problem related to coding/data science. Like does it deal with coding


Just an opinion: there is programming that has nothing to do with data science but there is no such thing as data science without programming.

The hard part of this challenge is mostly the statistical modeling/ML part but in order to get to that part and organize the results effectively to make a submission there is lots of programming to be done.

Hope that answers the question.