Forecast Stage - Submission Input

Will there be a submission_format.csv file in the forecast runtime data directory and will it include all relevant issue_dates, including those that precede the current issue_data for a given run?

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Hi @oshbocker,

Yes, there will be a submission_format.csv file in the mounted data drive.

However, it will not include issue dates that precede the active issue date. As documented, each run will only have one active issue date. So that means the submission_format.csv file will only have one issue date, e.g., when 2023-01-15 is the active issue date, it will only contain 26 rows for 2023-01-15 for the 26 sites.

The way this is actually implemented is that each issue date has a separate storage container in our cloud service with data specific to that issue date, and we switch which one is the mounted volume depending on the active issue date.