Fixing wrongly labelled images

Are we allowed to fix some training images? For example, images CH665185 and WU193724 are most probably mislabelled:


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Can you tell me how you downloaded the satellite image which website?

@yurithefury Good question! Yes, per the rules, annotating training images is allowed as long as the annotations are included with the solution. Note that annotating the test images is not allowed:

  • Participants may annotate provided training data as long as they are included with solutions to enable reproduction and do not overfit to the test set;
  • Participants may not add any manual annotations to the provided test data. Eligible solutions need to be able to run on test samples automatically using the test data as provided.
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@Turki the images can be downloaded via the Data Download page, accessible after you’ve joined the competition.

i cant download the image

i downloaded the file and cant open it by matalab?

@Turki Please refer to the benchmark blogpost that walks through how to import the images and train a model in MATLAB.