Find teammates

This is a centralized thread dedicated to finding teammates for participants of the Pale Blue Dot: Visualization Challenge. You can post that you are looking for a teammate, or reach out to other participants who have already posted.

To connect with another participant

  1. Navigate to a post from that participant

  2. Click on their username. This will open a pop-up with their profile information so you can learn a little more about them!

  3. Click on the “Message” button in the pop-up. You’ll then be able to contact them directly through the forum. Once you’ve connected, feel free to share info and move to your own communications platform of choice.

To update your profile

Fill out your profile to let potential teammates know a little more about your background, your strengths, and your interests.

  1. Click on your user icon at the top right of the page. In the dropdown menu, click on the icon of a person and select “Preferences”.


  1. Navigate to the “Profile” tab, and fill in the “About me” section.

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I am interested to be part of your team. I do not have the knowledge or experience you require but I do have knowledge and real life experience of all the challenges mentioned.
I can be of help if you want real life experience.

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Hii I want to be your teammate

Anyone wants to be my teammate text me I’ll provide my number

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Hi, do you still have open slots for teammates? I would like to be on your team…mate :grinning:. But here is the catch, I don’t have any life science or engineering satellite data experience but I have real life experience hands down. If you are looking for a practical person who has experienced water and food shortages, contamination and how they over came that in their society, please look no further. I will be glad to be part of your team and share all the knowledge I have regarding this particular topic. Thank you


I am a physics major student in my third year. I want to join your group. I am very interested in solving those problems. I have no experience of coding, but I will help you solving the problem