External data annotation

Say there is some freely available data, but it does not have the kind of annotation I want.
Is it allowed to add some annotation myself to this dateset and use it in the competition?

Also is it allowed to re-annotate this data-set(hateful memes) or a small subset, in some other way and use it.

no sadly its not allowed

I don’t see anything about annotation in the rules, why is this not allowed?

@saket Good questions. Annotating the Hateful Memes dataset is prohibited by the data license agreement: Participant will not modify, translate, or create any derivative works based upon the HM Dataset. Adding your own annotations of an external dataset is fine, so long as you obtained the dataset and plan to use it in a way that complies with the competition rules. Hope that helps!

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I have an additional question. What I would like to ask is, if we use an external dataset which has an open source license with no commercial use restrictions and compliant with the rules listed, if that dataset happens to include any person that is not a challenge participant/team member, we must have all permissions and rights from the same individual depicted?
This issue reminded me of an other platform challenge where something similar was part of the rules and it would be great if we all avoid potential misunderstandings around it.

Hi @Kamyn - Appreciate the question. We aren’t able to review any individual external data use cases here because this could lead to a misinterpretation of the official rules. We encourage you to review any licenses and permissions of external data thoroughly, and follow the official rules very carefully. Before Phase II (which will determine prizewinners), we’ll share some general reminders around responsible external data usage.

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