Hand label on train data

Dear DrivenData,
I want to annotate small set of train data, is this allowed?


Hi @sheep , you are allowed to annotate the train data as long as you submit the annotations as a part of your solution and do not overfit to the test set. You can see more detail in the official rules:

  • Participants may annotate provided training data as long as they are included with solutions to enable reproduction and do not overfit to the test set;
  • Participants may not add any manual annotations to the provided test data. Eligible solutions need to be able to run on test samples automatically using the test data as provided.

and on the home page:

External data & annotation : As noted in the challenge rules, external data and pre-trained models are allowed in this competition as long as they are freely and publicly available. In addition, participants are welcome to add their own private annotations to the challenge data. At the end of the challenge, top-performing participants will need to publicly share any private annotations and approaches in order to be eligible for a prize.