External data and auxillary data

Using an external dataset allowed or not? I’ve applied for access to Planetary computer API and haven’t heard back from them.


Stay tuned for an announcement on supplementary data sets which mirror several pertinent ones available on the Planetary Computer via API. When that happens we will explain what is additionally available and give data samples for getting things working locally. For the moment, no external data is available within the container.

Re: access to Planetary Computer - they asked us to relay this:

You can have people email planetarycomputer@microsoft.com saying they’re competing in the competition, and we’ll approve them more quickly.


is the data (NASADEM and global surface water data) already available?

@Vervan Supplementary elevation (NASADEM) and permanent water (JRC) data have been made available to use for inference. See the supplementary data section of the code submission page for data access instructions and examples.

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