Extending code execution time to one hour

Would it be possible to extend the code execution time from 30 mins to 60 mins? I might be able to run my code in 30 mins but not sure about it. Besides, because of uncertainty of the availability of CDS service the downloading might take quite long, which consumes the code running time.

Hi @kamarain,

Acknowledging your request for the time limit change. This will be taken under consideration.

However, it looks like you haven’t tried making any submissions to the Forecast Stage. Please be sure to submit early to ensure you have sufficient time before the deadline to debug issues. It will also be helpful to get some results from a real submission run to understand how long to expect your submission to take.

Additionally, I recommend being strategic about how you download data from CDS. For example, given their queuing and prioritization system, it will likely be faster to make a single download request rather than many small ones.

Yeah. I get the data from CDS usually very fast, and normally the downloading part takes like five minutes. But sometimes it takes over 20 mins and that risks the calculation part…

I guess CDS might be busiest near the publication dates of their seasonal forecasts which happen on 6th and 10th of each month. Issue dates near those days might be difficult I guess.

Hi @kamarain,

We are aware that CDS has been a source of variability and will be watching this closely throughout the Forecast Stage.

I saw that you were able to make a successful submission. Are you all set for your final Forecast Stage code, or are you still currently having issues with the time limit?

Hi @jayqi , thanks for taking into account the CDS uncertainty.

I think apart from CDS, the time limit of 30 mins should be enough. I still try to upload a new version of the code, but it should not be heavier computationally than the version I already submitted.