CDS service is down on the 8 Jan

The CDS service was down on January 8th, causing the model to fail in retrieving the necessary data for prediction. Following the link provided by CDS, ongoing maintenance impacted the download speed and availability of the data, a 3kb data took 1 hour to download and caused a timeout in the job.

So far, the service is still not performing well; hopefully the next day:

Update on 09-Jan-2024: Service maintenance session successfully completed. CDS system is operational but the backlog of queued requests is currently impacting performance. Thank you for your patience.

Hi @YassY_SteamPunk,

Given the way that CDS queues and prioritizes requests, you may benefit from combining your requests into a single larger one instead of having many tiny requests that each have to wait in line.

Hello Jayqi,

Actually, it is not only about the queues; I got this update today from CDS:

Update on 10-Jan-2024: There are performance issues, affecting ERA5 downloads in particular. The CDS team is actively working on it.

i hope that will affect my model in the evaluation phase and that the action of CDS will be on time.
best regards.

The CDS service is still down.

Update on 11-Jan-2024: Performance issues continue and are now also affecting access to datasets stored in the MARS archive (e.g. Seasonal forecast data, CERRA, ERA5-complete, …). Meanwhile the number of queued requests keeps increasing. For the benefit of all users, we ask that users refrain from submitting further requests at this time. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The CDS service identified the problem, and hopefully the service will be activated again on the weekend.

Update on 12-Jan-2024: The cause of the performance issue has been identified and addressed. Access to affected datasets (e.g. ERA5, seasonal forecast data, etc) has been restored. The backlog of queued requests remains large however but we hope the system will catch up over the weekend so that normal operations can resume early next week. Thank you for your patience.

Right now the queue of requests in CDS seems to be really bad