`/code_execution/data` directory

I have a question regarding the following paragraph: " Remember that for local testing purposes, the /code_execution/data directory is just a mounted version of what you have saved locally in this project’s data directory. So you will just be using the publicly available training files for local testing. In the official code execution environment, /code_execution/data will contain the actual test data , which no participants have access to, and this is what will be used to compute your score for the leaderboard."

Q: is the /code_execution/data directory, for the private test data, organised in a set of foleders where each folder contains a chain of images?

Yes, it’s the same directory structure as the training data, just with different data.

Taking advantage of the current topic I would like to clarify another doubt.

1st) As descrived in the runtime repository “/code_execution” is the working directory from where the “main.sh” file will be executed?

2nd) Assuming the 1st statment is as described above, I would like to know if the following example should result in obtaining the full path?

source_path = Path(r"data/images/b038c264fe").resolve()

Result: /mnt/c/code_execution/data/images/b038c264fe where /mnt/c is an assumption of the directory where all the files of my working directory are located.

3rd) And in the case of this code line: model_path = Path(r"submission_src/best.pt").resolve() will the path part “submission_src/” pose any challenge when executing it? Should it be changed to just “submission/” without _src? even if the folder where it is contained is called “submission_src/” to allow a make pack-submission command to zip the files?

I get confused with the directories of submission:src

Hi @miturbe - I’m happy to answer this in general, but the larger issue is that you should definitely set yourself up to test locally with docker. If you do that, when a question like this comes up you could just put a print statement in your script to get a quick answer.

Let me know if you have trouble getting that set up.