Looking to get your code submission running? We can help!

For all in the prescreened arena, we want to make sure you’re able to focus on the subject matter and not get too tangled up in Docker and other details. While we can’t help with any subject matter or provide hints, we want to make sure your code runs!

If you’re having any issues, please post here so we can help debug. We’re also more than happy to have a member of our time spend some time on a video call with you debugging any Docker/dependencies/environment setup issues. Feel free to contact us any time at info@drivendata.org.

Hi, we are trying to submit our code, but we meet some problem.
Our initial attempt was just submitting a submission.zip file generated by “make pack-benchmark”. All the files are cloned from github and untouched. However, after we submitted the submission.zip file, it gave us the following error after more than 10 hours:
Your submission did not output a file called “submission.csv” so it could not be scored. This may be due to an unhandled exception or syntax error in your code.

Did I misunderstand something in the code submission format?


  1. The local testing runing “make test-submission” gives the same output as the one shown on github page.
  2. I tried to unzip the submission.zip, there is only main.py there, no folder.

Hi @zitaoli, thanks for posting. One of our team members is looking into your submission right now and will let you know when it’s a good idea to resubmit. Stand by.

@zitaoli Thanks for pointing this out. We found an issue with the cluster – it should be resolved now. Give it another try and let us know how it turns out.

Thanks! It works now. We just saw our submission score.

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