Clarification of usage data (dataviz comp)

With regard to the dataviz challenge and the extra data provided on consumption, can anyone clarify their interpretation of this description:

A note on the water consumption data: Each household pays 20 MAD (Mococcan Dirham) per month as a service charge. So the quantity purchased is the amount they pay above that 20 MAD charge. DSH has a tiered water pricing system to encourage water conservation:

  • 1st tranche (pricing tier): 0-6 cubic meters of water
  • 2nd tranche: 7-9 cubic meters
  • 3rd tranche: >9 cubic meters

Does this mean that the first 6 cubic meters of water used is included in the 20 MAD basic service charge, and that usage beyond 6 cubic meters is charged (at one rate for 7-9, another for >9)? Or does it mean there is an unspecified allowance and three banded prices for use over and above? I’m guessing the former…

Secondly, does the usage data provided include or exclude water used within this basic service allowance (e.g. the up to 6 cubic meters if my interpretation above is true)? I’m guessing it excludes, given gaps in data; meaning gaps = usage less than threshold.

All pointers and counter-guesses gratefully received.


Hi @tomdewar,

I interpret the blurb about pricing tiers to mean that there’s a 20 MAD service charge doesn’t include the first 6 m3 and occurs regardless of the amount of water consumed in a month. Consumption in the 1st tranche might cost 20MAD, the 2nd 40MAD, and the 3rd 60 MAD…

I would also assume that gaps in data mean that, for some reason or other, subscribers didn’t use water during that period (enough free water in nearby wells, they weren’t around, meter was broken, or if their usage is 0 m3 maybe they used less than 1m3?)

@bull can you give us any information about how much water costs at each pricing tier?


@ashleyatslalom I think your assumptions sound right from what we have heard. I’m working to get more details about how the pricing scheme works.