Timestamp in Historical consumption data

The definition of timestamp is stated as “The time of the measurement”. However I found it may not be exact correct. For example, for siteid=1, the VALUE associated with timestamp 20OCT14:00:00:00 should be kwh consumed during 19OCT14 based on definition. (because the measurement was taken at 20OCT14:00:00:00, and the measurement interval is one day for siteid 1.) But the value looks more like the consumption for 20Oct2014 (a Monday), not 19Oct14(a Sunday). Can someone please clarify? Value associated with timestamp 20OCT14:00:00:00 is for 20OCT14 or 19OCt14?


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Each row is an aggregation of the consumption between the previous observation timestamp and the timestamp of that particular row. So, if we have a measurement at 14:00:00, that may include consumption for the previous day and part of this day since it is not split at 00:00:00.