Forecasting Power Consumption: Using past predicted test data for training for future?

Hi. Wanted to know if we can use the past consumption values which we predicted on test data to use for training for a future time. Like: Let’s say there is test period in entire March 2015 and I build a model to predict these values, now can I use these predicted values to make a model to predict in May 2015? I think this is allowed as the predicted data is past data for predictions for May 2015.


Yes, this would be acceptable.

Thanks! One more question: If I just impute the values from the previous year at same date and time at prediction time, will this be acceptable? It doesn’t use the information: which year is this? Just what was the consumption at the same point of time last year?
Let’s say: We want to predict per quarter consumption for March 2015, and I just put March 2014 consumption values as predictions. I think this should be acceptable as this doesn’t take in to account which year is this.