Your submission did not output the expected file so it could not be scored. This may be due to an unhandled exception or syntax error in your code. The log output may have more details

  • [[ -f query_descriptors.npz ]]
  • [[ -f reference_descriptors.npz ]]
  • echo ‘Validating submission…’
    Validating submission…
  • conda run --no-capture-output -n condaenv python /opt/ --query_features query_descriptors.npz --ref_features reference_descriptors.npz --query_metadata /data/query_metadata.csv --ref_metadata /data/reference_metadata.csv
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/opt/”, line 128, in
    File “/opt/”, line 117, in main
    validate_sorted_ids(“query”, query_features[‘video_ids’])
    File “/opt/”, line 91, in validate_sorted_ids
    raise DataValidationError(
    main.DataValidationError: Video ids not sorted at index [171706].
    ERROR conda.cli.main_run:execute(47): conda run python /opt/ --query_features query_descriptors.npz --ref_features reference_descriptors.npz --query_metadata /data/query_metadata.csv --ref_metadata /data/reference_metadata.csv failed. (See above for error)

How to solve this bug?

Hey @BokingChen-

When submitting your query and reference descriptors as npz files, you must ensure that your video ids are in sorted order. This was a change that was made after a bug was discovered in the evaluation code.

Once your video ids are in ascending sorted order, the evaluation script should be able to run. Let me know if you run into more trouble!