Failed without logs

I submit my matching results to match track, but it returns:
There was a problem scoring the file your code generated. Check the submissions page for more details.
Oops! Looks like something went wrong with your submission. If you have checked the submission requirements and are still not sure what happened, please contact us.

I do not know what happened, and I successfully submitted one many weeks ago. I am not sure what the problem from and am seeking help from you. Thanks

@wenhaowang It looks like the columns in your submitted csv are not in the expected order - your score column should be last. There appears to be some issue with our scoring for your submission, I am currently investigating and will report back.

@wenhaowang Our scoring is failing because some of your submitted query_start timestamps are greater than your submitted query_end timestamps. We will add validation that verifies that all timestamps have the appropriate ordering - in the meantime, for your submissions to pass you must check that the start and end timestamps are appropriately ordered.

That helps. Thanks very much!