Wind direction in microclimate data

I was wondering if we could have more information on the wind_dir variable from the microclimate data. Is the measure (0 to 355) relative to the fog net, as in 0°/360° would be for example parallel to the net?
Also, if you plot a detailed histogram of this variable, you can see that there are very few values between 350° and 5°, apart from a peak at 0, could this be a bias from the measurement apparatus or is it genuinely there?
I’m aware this is quite a precise question, but hopefully we can get some more detail on this aspect.
Thanks a lot

Interesting question! I believe for the apparatus that is installed 0°/360° are due North. Might be worth it to confirm that generally with the Guelmim airport data. It looks like the device has a resolution of +/- 3°, which may explain some of the imprecision. I’ll see if we can get further details about the wind direction measurements.

Hi, I did compare to the Guelmim data, there is some relation but it is not very strong.
Also, I have joined the histogram of the microclimate wind direction data, and the absence of values around 0°/360° seems conspicuous, which is why I thought it could be due to the design of the measurement.

The reason I’m asking this is that there is an interesting relation between wind direction and water yield, so if the 0°/360° area lacks data, I would consider it differently.
Thanks again